SPECTACULAR OPTICALS is the motion graphics studio of David Murray, located in Oakland, California.

I have over 20 years experience in motion graphics design as Senior Designer for Video Arts Digital Media Studio in San Francisco and as a freelance designer.

I've worked with corporate clients such as Apple, Nintendo, Coke, AT&T, and Visa on wide variety of projects.

I've designed and directed TV show opens for KQED, San Francisco.

I've led teams working on large scale multimedia installations for events such as E3 and the Olympics.

I've worked on countless independent and documentary film projects.

I co-directed, shot, and edited the comic documentary LIVERMORE, which aired on PBS' Independent Lens in 2003.

I've been a performing musician since my teens and have been involved in many music-related print projects, including my role as art director for the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention, a nationally-recognized folk music festival, and a recent series of album designs for the Grammy Award-winning record label Dust-to-Digital.

I'd love to work on your next project, so give me a shout!